Thursday, 7 April 2011

it's all in a cup of tea

Baroque ... under its rubric are placed a proliferation of mystical experience, the birth of the novel, intense taste for life that grows and pullulates, and a fragility of infinitely varied patterns of movement. It could be located in the protracted fascination we experience in watching waves heave, tumble, and atomise when they crack along an unfolding line being traced along the expanse of a shoreline; in following the curls and wisps of colour that move on the surface and in the infinite depths of a tile of marble; or, as, Proust described, when we follow the ramifying and dilating branches of leaves piled in the concavity of the amber depths of a cup of tea.

Translator’s forward
A plea for Leibniz xi

The Fold
Leibniz and the Baroque
Gilles Deleuze
Foreword & translation Tom Conely

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