Friday, 30 March 2012

"just do it" said the cb therapist to me

Can I just write into the blank page. How will remembering attempt to push a way in? And what would it be anyway? What about the body? What comes from the body? How can I fly?
I scratch about feeling for wings. Articulation. Arm fold bend behind gently fingers wrap around palfais:scapula left and right. Fingers wings. Would the fingers have to fall, the arms have to fall, for the new wings to grow. Scratching, stubbling, pushing. Will the new bits ever puncture the skin? And what if they did? Scratchy itchy catching. Forever damaged skin there, psoriasis tickles, itches, scrapes, bone blade to scrape.
Fold bend the arms to find the touch articulate to pin point. Stitch prick in out sew down. Needle the flesh to heal to sew up to bind.
Body articulates in both ways, two ways, the way that words will not (when it feels inarticulate let the body move, not always possible in everyday life) and folding as articulation – articulate to articulate. Will the space between I and Other ever fold up? As it does fold up can I bend my arm to slip a flat hand into a fold feel the folded space touch palm and back of hand? Slip between.
“one has to understand reading as something other than decipherment. Rather as touching, as being touched. Writing, reading: matters of tact” [1]

[1] Jean-Luc Nancy In Corpus in The Birth to Presence p198

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