Saturday, 10 August 2013

Folding the Fold

I have been creating a new text from the essay Folding into the Haptic. This was initiated by my showing work based around the essay at Colony 13 in Aberteifi/Cardigan August 2013.
I have folded, concertina-wise, a printed version of the essay Folding into the Haptic. I then transcribed all full words, including new words made across the creases. The punctuation is new. Later I suspect that I will reduce the piece over time by erasure but not changing the order of the words

The work at Colony 13 is an installation: touch textile text fold  including text and photographs. The space that the work is showing in has been through several incarnations including being flats. The domestic weaves its way through my work so this is an ideal setting. In the essay I cover thoughts on boundaries, edges, textile, dust and have used these references in creating the installation

A link to the new text Folding the Fold

I will eventually record this - I think it ought to be given as a lecture/talk!

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